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Li Ion Battery Aging, Degradation, and Failure
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I worked at the General Motors R&D Laboratory as a Technical Fellow, and before that I worked at the Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Lab as a Technical Leader.

Since then I have been a consultant for a very large Korean battery manufacturer, analyzing their lithium battery electrodes and relating their properties to performance. I recently consulted for a venture capital organization, performing due dilligence (DD) for them on battery company startups. I am available for more consulting jobs. I recently got the following emails from startups that I vetted as a consultant to a VC firm:

"Steve, Thank you for the questions--that was some of the best tech DD we've had. Very technical but with an understanding of what's practically relevant."

"Hi Steve, Very nice to meet you in person. You asked more in-depth and thorough questions than any single person we ever talked to :))"

My work is devoted to lithium battery research aimed at understanding the mechanisms and problems that underlie the workings failure/degradation of Li-ion batteries. So the focus of my lithium battery consulting work is on applying knowledge derived from theoretical studies of batteries and battery materials; advanced diagnostic techniques, especially in situ or operando; and chemically detailed models of battery aging mechanisms.


Please contact me if you would like to discuss any sort of consulting arrangement relating to lithium batteries. See below for my resume and a list of publications/citations.



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Diagnostic studies on NCA/Gr cells

Tortuosity of Porous Electrodes

Mechanics of Silicon Anodes

Nanoparticle Morphology Evolution

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Strain Maps

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